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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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Perrysburg Historic Homes Past and Present:


Perrysburg has a variety of historic homes, businesses, and churches.

Visitors to the area and site will find a convenient index of properties by street address. Each listing also includes images, architectureal style, as well as a brief history.

You can also search by name or address using the form below:

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Front Street


Second Street

125 East Front Halsted House   111 East Second Tyler-Roether Building
128 East Front Ross House   112 East Second Peck House
208 East Front Lock House   140 East Second Heckler House
215 East Front St. Rose Catholic Church   200 East Second Presbyterian Church
220 East Front Lock Family House   203 East Second Hanson House
228 East Front Rheinfrank House   209 East Second Hoover House
239 East Front Ladd House #1   214 East Second Hannah House
241 East Front F.R. Miller House   215 East Second Munger House
248 East Front Danz House   216 East Second Eberly House
308 East Front Cook-Finkbeiner House   220 East Second William Barton House
315 East Front J.M. Hall House   221 East Second Hoffman House
321 East Front Hunt House   233 East Second Bloomfield House
332 East Front Strain House   302 East Second Champney House
333 East Front Henry E. Averill House   321 East Second J.A. Hall House
345 East Front Henry P. Averill House   347 East Second Amos Spafford II House
402 East Front Norton House   415 East Second Ladd House #2
409 East Front Cook House   422 East Second Josiah Miller House
417 East Front Slevin House   425 East Second Stone House
420 East Front Veitch House   502 East Second Carranor Club
424 East Front Harry C. Barton House      
534 East Front Yaryan House   111-113 West Second Old City Building
535 East Front Old "Courthouse"   116 West Second Shepler House
566 East Front Bates House   145 West Second Spilker House
572 East Front Keuhn House   215 West Second Himmelman House
576 East Front Acklin House   223 West Second A.M.Thompson House A
577 East Front Duane Stranahan House   225 West Second A.M.Thompson House B
577 East Front Woolfert Cabin   227 West Second McKnight House
      232 West Second Beach House #2
115 West Front Rheinfrank Hospital   246 West Second Parks House
140 West Front Exchange Hotel   300 West Second Powell House #2
146 West Front Pierce House   305 West Second Finkbeiner House
220 West Front Jones House   310 West Second Cranker House
224 West Front Webb House   323 West Second Fitzgerald House
232 West Front Sargent House   337 West Second John Hood House
304 West Front Powell-Denison House   342 West Second Beach House #1
308 West Front Hamilton House   523 West Second LaFarree House
322 West Front Van Soyse House      
326 West Front Stubbs House  

Fifth Street

340 West Front Douglas House   127 West Fifth Water Building
341 West Front Pyle House   138 West Fifth Smith House
345 West Front Dodge House   202 West Fifth James Hood House
348 West Front Lindsay House      
401 West Front Comstock House  

Hickory Street

407 West Front B.F. Hollister House   529 Hickory Way House
420 West Front Houston House   731 Hickory Speck House
426 West Front J.H. Thornton House      
432 West Front Westcott House  

Locust Street

502 West Front Crook House   76 Locust Roby House
503 West Front Spink House   80 Locust Bingham-Foley House
508 West Front Maddy House   125 Locust Barnes House
510 West Front Perrin House      
514 West Front Spafford Family House  

Maple Street

538 West Front Powell House #1   76 Maple George R. Jr.Ford House

Louisiana Ave.


Mulberry Street

101 Louisiana J.A. Hall Building   329 Mulberry Zoar Lutheran Church #2
102-104 Louisiana Centennial Block   Mulberry at Sixth Superior Steel Wool Co.
103-105 Louisiana Old Masonic Building      
106 Louisiana Hollenbeck Building  

Walnut Street

110 Louisiana Old Exchange Bank   420 Walnut Tolman House
111 Louisiana Moser Building      
112 Louisiana Syndicate Building  

Sandusky Street

114 Louisiana Citizens Bank Building   718 Sandusky American Foursquare
116 Louisiana Witzler Building   904 Sandusky Seiling House
117 Louisiana Amon Building      
119-123 Louisiana Munger Meat Market  

East South Boundary

124-128 Louisiana Phoenix Block   201 E. South Boundary Neiderhouse House
131 Louisiana Perrysburg Banking Co.      
201 Louisiana Eberly Building  



203 Louisiana Fralic Building   28503 East River Road Lewis House
209 Louisiana Schlect Building   28589 East River Road Fuller House
218 Louisiana Palace Theatre Building   30465 East River Road Bentley House
219 Louisiana Lucas Building   10302 Fremont Pike Simmons House
976 Louisiana Wieland House   30209 Hickory Hill Mather Estate House
      30267 Hickory Hill MacNichol Estate House

Indiana Avenue

    30003 Morningside Stranahan Gate House
208 East Indiana Fink House   30209 Morningside Stranahan House
130 West Indiana Schaller Memorial   109 Rockledge Drive Secor House
220 West Indiana Thornton House   29755 Somerset Road George R.Sr. Ford House
240 West Indiana Old County Jail   28627 Stonecroft Walbridge House
343 West Indiana Yeager House   29953 Sussex Road Thompson House
519 West Indiana Lustron House   27340 West River Rd. Aurora Spafford House


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