Walnut Street at Indiana Avenue

The Second Courthouse

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Second Courthouse:


Begun in the late 1830s, this 50 by 70-foot brick building was Wood County's second courthouse for 30 years. Of classical Greek Revival design, favored for public buildings, this one featured four large two- story Doric columns in the front and a tower topped with a dome. It was described at the time as "Roman Doric of bascilican [an oblong shape] style" and was built by Loomis Brigham and Jarius Curtis over a period of about six years and at a cost of $20,000. 

In 1872, fire broke out in a cooper's shop a couple of blocks west of Louisiana between Indiana and Third Street.


Walnut Street at Indiana Avenue

About two acres of ground were covered with barrel staves and other wood combustibles. That was brought under control after the shop and two nearby houses were destroyed, but a steady wind revived the fire overnight and the next morning a nearby barn caught fire, then another dwelling, and embers from those fell on the unoccupied courthouse, which burned to the ground. At that time, not even a hand-pulled fire engine was owned by the village. 

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