130 West Indiana Avenue

The Schaller Memorial

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Schaller Memorial:


In 1921, Frederick Schaller, a retired farmer walked into the office of a Perrysburg man and dumped on his desk a sack of gold pieces, stacks of currency, and a packet of Liberty Bonds (all totaling about $6,000) and said he was giving it to the American Legion Post for a community memorial to his two children who had died in infancy and to local war veterans. 

It took nine years (ca. 1930) before this Neo-Colonial Revival building was erected, just beating the deadline Schaller had set, after which the money was to be returned to his family.


130 West Avenue

It had required two public fund-raising drives for another $16,000 to meet the inflated cost. The city donated the land for the memorial building. It was designed by Harold H. Munger of Britsch & Munger Architects and is one of several buildings outside the Historic District that is on the National Register. 

Frederick Schaller farmed about three miles west of Perrysburg along the River Road. Born in Switzerland, he came here in 1851 and was a Civil War veteran serving in the 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

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