140 East Second Street

The Heckler House

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The Heckler House:


The little house at 140 East Second Street across from Kazmaier's Grocery Store has sat there since shortly after the Civil War -- an excellent example of a small and mostly vernacular Greek Revival / Italianate cottage.

The house was built by John Heckler Sr. (sometimes spelled Hechler) in the late 1860s and was owned by members of that family for nearly 85 years. After many additions and alterations, it is difficult to visualize exactly what the house originally looked like, but because of the many changes, one of the unique qualities is its asymmetrical composition.


140 East Second Street

The gable roof predominates the front, along with four spindle columns with ornamental woodwork trim supporting a shed-style porch roof. The effect of the trim is a lace-like design pleasing to the eye. The lower half of the siding under the porch roof is flush as opposed to the weather board siding above the porch roof. The east side of the house features a small porch in the same style, and a gabled two-story bay. Windows are double-hung two over two.

The house was completely rehabilitated in the late 1970s or early 1980s and it is well-maintained.

Not a great deal is known about John Heckler other than that he was born in 1825 in Nordheim, Germany. He came to this country in 1854, and two years later arrived in Perrysburg. The family consisted of seven sons, the wife of one (Phillip Jacob Heckler) still being a resident in the house when she died in 1956. John Heckler died in 1915 at the age of 89.

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