145 West Second Street

The Spilker House

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The Spilker House:


This house at 145 West Second Street is not noted so much for its age or history as for its architectural style — American Foursquare (sometimes called Prairie Box.)

The house is believed to have been built by Edward J. Spilker sometime after acquiring the property from W. H. Hollenbeck in 1914. The Hollenbeck family lived on this corner lot from the 1860’s until 1914, but since Mr. Hollenbeck died in 1895 and the Foursquare style was most common in the early 20th century, it is believed Mr. Spilker was the builder. Research indicates the lot, was once the site of a commercial operation of some kind.


145 West Second Street

Houses of this kind normally are of simple rectangular shape, making them fairly economical to build. This one may have been, but have a number of additions to it — especially in the rear where there are some intriguing gable arrangements.

Typical of the style are the gable façade, two stories with a wide front porch, wide overhanging eaves, and the three squat and tapered Bungalow-type supports. This frame house has an interesting variety of irregularly placed windows on all sides, along with a couple of oriel bays and dormers.

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