220 West Front Street

The Jones House

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The Jones House:


This house, believed built between 1858 and 1868, is called interesting by historical building inventory people because of its variety of details representing Greek Revival, Federal, Georgian, and Italianate architecture.

Conveyance records show that the Elizha Jones family (about which local records shed little light) bought the property for $138 in 1858 and sold it for $6,500 10 years later.

There is further evidence that an earlier house might have sat on the property as early as the 1830s when it was owned by a John Chambers.


220 West Front Street

Architectural features on the original box-like structure include a flat hipped roof, brackets (since removed) under the eaves, a rather wide frieze board, and a massive broken pediment with a pineapple at its center over a paneled wood front door framed by pilasters on either side.

Dentils decorate the underside of the pediment. Three very substantial additions have been made to the rear and a now removed porch which ran across the entire front of the building was also likely an addition since it would not have been as harmonious with the original facade as without a porch.

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