232 West Front Street

The Sargent House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Sargent House:


The house at 232 West Front Street is called by experts a fine example of the Shingle style of architecture. It was built by Henry H. Sargent sometime shortly after he purchased the property for $650 in 1894. It remained in the Sargent family until 1947.

This type of Victorian building was a uniquely American adaptation of other traditions and was particularly popular between 1880 and 1900. Identifying features other than wood shingle walls are gambreled cross-gables and multi-level eaves.

This house has a multi-planed but cross-gable gambrel roof. In the front a second story bay features three windows with mullions.


232 West Front Street

A pent, or short extension roof, extends above the bay, and below it across the entire front is another pent roof. Two windows on the first floor have mullions matching those above, and the front entry way is recessed with the door facing west.

On the west side a gable drops midway down the roof and covers a sunroom. The gable is supported by two Ionic columns. A higher gable toward the rear contains two second-story windows over a small first floor bay. On the east side the center gable continues halfway through to the first floor, and a pent roof between floors runs from the left side of the gable to the gable to the rear of the house. The walls, of course, are covered with wood shingles. Additions have been made to the rear.

Henry Sargent was born in Monroeville, Ohio, in 1854. He came to Perrysburg in 1893, having purchased a partnership in the Williams-Chapman woodenware company which was then renamed Chapman-Sargent. This firm was one of the largest manufacturers of wooden bowls, plates, etc. in the country, controlling a number of such factories in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Canada. The headquarters were located in Perrysburg, with Chapman managing that part of the business and Sargent doing the traveling which he had been doing prior to his purchase.

Henry Sargent was a director of the Citizens Banking Company, a member of the Masonic Order and of the Episcopal Church in Maumee. He died in 1920 at age 65.

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