27340 West River Road

The Aurora Spafford House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Aurora Spafford House:


Built in the 1820s by the son of Perrysburg founder Amos Spafford, this simple Greek Revival house is called a “half-house” (two and a half rooms deep with a Shaker-type interior) by the Ohio Historical Society. 

The house was moved a few feet from its original foundation during restoration by the owner. Otherwise, it appears unaltered on its lot in the Spafford Land Grant just west of Fort Meigs and above the extinct river town of Orleans of the North. 

It was the meeting place in the 1820's for the area Methodist congregation.

It is in the process of being restored and will be the home of the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum.


27340 West River Road


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