28589 East River Road

The Fuller House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Fuller House:


Another of the large manor houses along Perrysburg's East River Road is the one at 28589 built by Rathbun Fuller in 1923. The estate was called The Terraces.

The two-story house, designed by Perrysburg architect George Rheinfrank, is of Italianate style constructed of mottled tan brick with stone trim. Its long, shallow roof is covered in red clay tile. Although there are two main entrances (one on the Maumee River side), the one facing River Road is under a flat-roofed loggia-porch in Italianate style, supported by Doric columns. A prominent Palladian window is directly above the loggia.


28589 East River Road

Toledo preservationist Ted Ligibel has noted that this large house along with its spacious grounds adds an interesting Mediterranean architectural mix among largely English-influenced styles popular at the time along East River Road.

Rathbun Fuller, born in Toledo in 1857, the son of Civil War General John W. Fuller, became an attorney in 1879. Over the years he practiced with some of the city's best-known firms and became prominent (said to be the "dean" of Toledo lawyers) in his field, eventually becoming Deputy Clerk of the U. S. District Court and a United States Commissioner.

He also was an industrialist involved as legal counsel and director of such major firms as Libbey-Owens-Ford, Mather Spring Company, Bostwick-Braun, the Toledo Trust Company (of which he was a founder), and others.

Following his death in 1937, his wife lived out her life in this house, dying in 1953, after which the estate was sold to one of Mr. Fuller's law associates, Benjamin T. Batsch.

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