30003 Morningside

The Stranahan Estate Gatehouse

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The Stranahan Estate Gatehouse:


Its exterior virtually unchanged from when it was built in 1927, this attractive home began as the gatehouse and 8-car garage for the 12-acre estate of Champion Spark Plug founder Frank D. Stranahan. It was designed by Cleveland architect Charles Schneider and contains a combination of Norman Chateauesque, Swiss Chalet, and Queen Anne features. 

The building is of solid masonry with foot-thick walls and iron-beam framing. The estate manager lived on the second floor, and the first consisted of eight garage bays, a grease pit, a small office, and a toilet.


30003 Morningside

The left wing of the L-shaped building features an entrance under an intricately carved wooden portico.

 Half- timbering and stucco decorate three of the gables, and the large original cobblestone courtyard in the back is dominated by a huge surviving American Elm tree.


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