30209 Waterford Drive

The Mather Estate House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Mather Estate House:


Built ca. 1925, now razed, this huge, virtually irreplaceable mansion was built during a three-year period by Gordon M. Mather, founder of the former Mather Spring Company. He named the estate Belle Alliance. It typified Queen Anne architecture and was designed by Mills, Rhines, Bellman & Nordhoff. The interior was done by Herter Looms, Inc. of New York and the landscaping by A.D. Taylor of Cleveland. Built of brick, timbering, stucco, and marble, the structure featured two wings with a gallery hallway between, a castellated parapet, a sculptured classic doorway with fluted pilasters, and marble trim throughout, especially around the primary entrance.


30209 Waterford Drive - ca. 1960

The massing of gables and the five stark chimneys are eye-catching, and a huge and elaborate garden and lawn in the front with a pond and statuary made this a truly spectacular property.

In 1985 the original Mather Estate Home was torn down and a new structure built in its place, mimicking the old. The new structure actually comprises three separately-owned homes.

Mather was born in Louisiana and came to Toledo in 1911. His company, Mather Spring, became one of the largest automotive industry suppliers in the nation.


30209 Waterford Drive - ca. 2008

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