304 West Front Street

The Powell-Denison House

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The Powell-Denison House:


It is called the Powell-Denison House, perhaps harking back to the original owners of the land, but the man most associated with it beginning a few years after it was built is Charles F. Chapman.

It was built in the 1870 on a corner lot at 304 West Front, and is called by architectural surveyors an interesting combination of the Greek Revival and Queen Anne styles.

In 1888 Charles Chapman acquired the property shortly after opening an office here for his nationwide woodenware business.


304 West Front Street

Mr. Chapman was the son of pioneer Connecticut settlers of the Western Reserve and was born in Berea in 1843. He moved with his parents to Millbury in 1862 where his father manufactured wooden bowls. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served in the Civil War for three years, returning to Millbury to help develop his father's business.

Eventually Chapman, A. G. Williams and H. H. Sargent combined their similar businesses and in 1892 Williams sold his interest. The firm of Chapman and Sargent Company had factories in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Canada. Their products sold all over the country and in Europe and it was managed from here.

About the house, the most striking characteristic is the ornate scrollwork on the two porches. The porch work and large asymmetrical windows, including the front attic window with quarter-circle panes, are frequently found in Queen Anne architecture. The roofline and other features are evident in Greek Revival. The porch door on the right facade was the main entrance and has a multi-paned transom. Both it and left side entrance porch are additions that closely reflect the originals according to old photos. A two-story addition was made at the rear as was a square bay on the west side.

Mr. Chapman was mayor of Millbury in 1883 and was active in Perrysburg civic affairs, serving two terms as councilman. He was director of the Citizens Banking Company for many years and active in the Methodist Church, the Masonic order and G. A. R. He died in 1914 at the age of 70.

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