321 East Front Street

The Hunt House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Hunt House:


This grand old house that sits well back from the street at 321 East Front Street was built for Caroline Hunt, widow of Lewis Cass Hunt whose family was very prominent and whose father was a pioneer resident here in 1818.

Hunt's father, General John E. Hunt, as a teenager accompanied General William Hull's army from Dayton to Detroit, marching through the Black Swamp here before there was a Fort Meigs, an Orleans of the North or a Perrysburg. He was not a soldier at the time. He later came back here to live.


321 East Front Street

The house is of the Italianate style (Tuscan mode) and it was built around 1863 -- possibly while Lewis Cass Hunt was serving in the Civil War. It features a hip roof supported by paired incised brackets and dentils set against a wide friezeboard. Bay windows on both sides are typical of the Italianate style. Facade windows are 2/1 double-hung sash with entablature heads and shutters. The entrance portico, on the west side of the front, features a hip roof and more paired brackets and Tuscan-Italianate supporting columns. Pilasters are on both sides of double doors that have oval etched glass windows that duplicate the originals and an etched and wheel-cut toplight. A two-story carriage house in the rear also has a hip roof with a central wooden finial.

Hunt was born and raised in Maumee and moved to Toledo with his family in 1853. In 1862 he entered the Union army as a captain in the 67th Ohio Infantry. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and then brevetted as brigadier general. He was in battles near Charleston, South Carolina, and near the James River in Virginia, and was present with his command at Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House. The family was related to Lewis Cass, the governor of Michigan Territory during the "Toledo War" over the location of the Ohio boundary line.

Lewis Cass Hunt died at the age of 36 in Toledo in 1868.

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