348 West Front Street

The Lindsay House

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The Lindsay House:


The original brick portion of this home has been sitting on the lot at 348 West Front Street for some 170 years. It was built in 1836 when Andrew Jackson sat in the White House and John Hollister was the second mayor of Perrysburg.

The builder was Daniel Lindsay who was born in Pennsylvania in 1811 and came here in 1834.

He married Sarah McKnight, daughter of one of the very first men to make his home at the Foot of the Rapids, a few years after the War of 1812.


348 West Front Street

Lindsay helped build the old County Jail on Indiana Avenue and Findlay Street in 1846 and later operated a sash, door and blind factory down the hill by the river at the end of Cherry Street. It was powered by the Hydraulic Canal, a sluice fed by diverted water from the river. He also had a warehouse at one time below Hood Park in partnership with James F. Stubbs.

The original part of the house was a comparatively small brick rectangular building with stone lentils. An attractive Greek Revival front entrance has wooden components surrounded by side and top lights. Frame wings were later added on the east and south sides of the building.

Daniel Lindsay (who also built the house just to the west of this one as a wedding present for his daughter) lived in this house until his death in 1869 at the age of 58. His widow continued living there, and then his son, until 1890 when it was sold out of the family.

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