432 West Front Street

The Westcott House

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The Westcott House:


It's not one of Perrysburg's more imposing Victorian Front Street homes, but its architectural style and age make it eligible to proudly display one of the bronze plaques installed by Historic Perrysburg, Inc. It's the house at 432 West Front Street built by Sardius D. Westcott in 1866.Sardius Westcott was a prominent Perrysburg pioneer and civic leader who came here as a child in 1831 when this town was a developing shipbuilding port largely hemmed in on the south, east and west by the uninhabitable Black Swamp.


432 West Front Street

It is unclear what his principal occupation was during all of the nearly 60 years he was a resident, but early on he was in the dry good business with Gilbert and Schuyler Beach on Front Street.

The frame house is a small-scale Greek Revival with Italianate details said by historic inventory researchers to be of architectural interest. It has a centered hipped roof with gable ends -- the predominate one facing the street -- and a single chimney. Under the front gable is a semi-circular glazed opening, and also on the added gable on the west side, and the porch is characterized by two thin lathe-turned columns.

Sardius Westcott was a life-long Democrat and one of a lively group who caused Whig supporters of William Henry Harrison some embarrassment when Harrison came back here for his Presidential political campaign rally in 1840. The Whigs planned to erect a huge log cabin at Fort Meigs to serve as Harrison's headquarters. Each township in the area was invited to supply at least one log. The night following delivery of the first log, a hefty 50-footer from Swanton area Whigs, Democrat marauders sunk the log into the mud at the bottom of the Fort's drinking water well. It remained firmly stuck there for a number of years as photos of the period attest.

Westcott was a charter member of the local Masonic Lodge and he served on the Board of Education. He was at one time the Wood County Auditor, a township trustee, a village councilman for some 11 years, village clerk, and one of the organizers of the Perrysburg's Savings and Loan Association.

He died 1888 at age 69, following a heart attack while attending a wedding at the Presbyterian Church.

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