535 East Front Street

The "Old Courthouse"

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Supporting the preservation and appreciation of Perrysburg's historic architectural heritage

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The "Old Courthouse:"


Its builder and age are lost in time, but this almost miniature Greek Revival structure once sat on the east side of the first block of Louisiana and was the law office of Daniel K. Hollenbeck. Its original size was about 15 by 30 feet and was probably built ca.1860 - 1869. It was sometimes referred to as the "courthouse," possibly because it looks like one with its stately fluted columns, but more likely because it may have been used as one by an early justice of the peace. In 1919, it was bought by Robert C. Pew, a founder of Sun Oil Company, and moved to his estate on Maple Street where it was adapted for use as a studio for his daughter, who was an artist.


535 East Front Street

The floors are of random-width pine attached with wooden pegs, and bark-covered log beams confirm its antiquity. It has been enlarged in the rear for a bedroom. It has also been moved once or twice, and the present owner uses it as a guesthouse.
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