576 East Front Street

The Acklin House

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The Acklin House:


This Queen Anne house at 576 East Front Street, with most of the characteristics typical of its style, is one of several houses in that block that were moved to their present locations from other sites in town.

According to a former resident, this one is associated with the Donald R. Acklin family and was built and originally sat on the riverside of East Front. When, where exactly, and by whom it was built cannot be determined by the writer and can be the challenge for some long-time resident who might still remember.


576 East Front Street

It is a rather large asymmetrical building with a multi- gabled roof, a prominent tower with a conical roof topped by a finial, shingled walls on the second floor with clapboard on the first, and the stories separated by a pent roof. The main entry  has an overhanging porch which is supported by three Ionic columns. On the west side a window beneath the gable has short pilasters flanking it. Windows in general are varied, usually 6 over 6.

Donald Acklin was a member of one of Toledo's oldest and best known families that founded Acklin Stamping Company. He was socially prominent and widely known as a horseman and polo player. For many years he was a vice president of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture in charge of the Horse Division.

In 1931 Mr. Acklin was accidentally killed by carbon monoxide fumes while painting and working on an automobile in his garage behind where he was living at the time at 409 East Front Street.

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